Green Overview

EasyMeow has been committed to creating our ArtWear using sustainable manufacturing processes since inception. Our production facilities are operated with a “leave no trace” attitude. This means that after we are done dyeing and printing our graphics T-shirts, we want to ensure that there is no negative impact on our local and global environment. You could say that the company’s DNA is embedded with being green!

The use of water-based inks and organic reactive dyes were nearly not as popular when we adopted it. This served as our foundation after the decision was made in the early 2010s and since then we have not only continued in our green philosophy but have also expanded beyond the four walls of our production facilities. As pioneers in our own rights and pacesetters in the apparel industry, our promise is to strive for sustainability and not settle for less.

Water Recycling

Water, both in liquid and frozen form makes up one-third of our planet, so we believe it is pretty important to preserve this valuable resource at all cost. This we have done since the year 2011.

We have recycled over 4,000,000 (four million) gallons of water using our Dye Oxidation Water Purification Process. We will skip the scientific details of how we remove dyes from our wastewater without the use of chemicals and actually enrich the remaining water with oxygen so that it can integrate with microorganisms in our local water treatment plant. Basically, we have figured out to take the “waste” out of the wastewater, resulting in a final product that is full of oxygen and positively impacts our local water supply. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

In the year 2015, we installed an automated screen washing system that recycles 50% of its process water. This is to further challenge ourselves into doing more and better and not be satisfied with the first huge win in water management.

To further champion our cause, we have installed multiple filtered water filling stations throughout our main office. This has helped in reducing the amount of plastic bottle waste. This is but a peek into what lies in the nearest future.

For Our Future

Our lifelong commitment is being green. Though perfection is unattainable, however, we can be the best we can be by keeping sustainability at the forefront of our decision making and pursuing initiatives that reinforce our green message and minimize our impacts. This is our commitment.

Our sustainable efforts also begin long before the blank shirts get delivered to us. Our entire supply chain is our line of sight which means we can define a clear standard. Our garments which are sourced from reliable companies located in China and India are hand dyed and printed in our facilities. This ensures that apparels produced are not detrimental to the environment.

Our roles to protect the environment and be socially responsible is taken seriously. We recognize that our environmental impact travels way beyond our doorstep even though we may be a small company. Any EasyMeow shirt received by you should point out that it has been made with the utmost respect and care for our planet.